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YOUR FRIEND is a show about authentic connections in the age of social media. The premise is simple - two friends forgo emojis, likes and shares to have a one-on-one conversation where nothing is off limits. From rants, obsessions and fears to traumatic life experiences, regrets and goals, host Dane Reade phones a different friend each week to have a thoughtful discussion that might just bring them closer. We’re all connected so we might as well talk. Please comment, rate, subscribe, review and share.
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Your Friend - A Podcast About Connecting

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Jun 8, 2016
Shawna run a fitness class "All F'D Up" at LiveArts LA in Glassel Park.  "I package all my gifts in one class. I teach that a challenging, effective workout can be a joyful experience and doesn't need to be so serious." For More info -
Sheispowerful.orgSHE-IS is a Los Angeles based non-profit focused on providing a safe, empowered, and supportive environment where young survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking can strengthen their true worth through the power of dance. 

SHE-IS combines the art of dance with the healing art of therapy to overcome trauma caused by sexual abuse.

Link to donations page -!support-us/ctzx