Your Friend - A Podcast About Connecting

YOUR FRIEND is a show about authentic connections in the age of social media. The premise is simple - two friends forgo emojis, likes and shares to have a one-on-one conversation where nothing is off limits. From rants, obsessions and fears to traumatic life experiences, regrets and goals, host Dane Reade phones a different friend each week to have a thoughtful discussion that might just bring them closer. We’re all connected so we might as well talk. Please comment, rate, subscribe, review and share.
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Your Friend - A Podcast About Connecting

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Jun 13, 2016
Dawna is a badass for so many reasons. She is a jiu jitsu instructor in Los Angeles who also hosts a weekly podcast called Mat Therapy where she discusses her favorite martial art. Dawna also is an accomplished actress and voiceover artist who you might have seen and heard already. Her website is where you can learn all about her, see her headshot, listen to her voiceover reel, get details on her podcast and find out how you can take her women's self defense class.