Your Friend - A Podcast About Connecting

YOUR FRIEND is a show about authentic connections in the age of social media. The premise is simple - two friends forgo emojis, likes and shares to have a one-on-one conversation where nothing is off limits. From rants, obsessions and fears to traumatic life experiences, regrets and goals, host Dane Reade phones a different friend each week to have a thoughtful discussion that might just bring them closer. We’re all connected so we might as well talk. Please comment, rate, subscribe, review and share.
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Your Friend - A Podcast About Connecting

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Jul 4, 2016

Anne Marie is an entrepreneur, single mother and organ transplant survivor who in still recovering from the worst year of her life. She opens up about the dark thoughts that come and the sacrifices she has made just to stay alive and what it feels like to hear your doctors speak about you in the past tense while you lay on a gurney thinking "I've got bills to pay and a date I can't miss".